Jamanta, low level I/O on my networking Project

For a Networking project I’ve done at univercity we used Java NIO to implement the low level communications component for the project. That component (We called it Jamanta for no obvious reason) is implemented with just one thread demultplexing all the I/O activities. It is all assynchronous, non-blocking I/O calls, everything handled by callbacks provided from above1. Jamanta also provides timeouts and iddle callbacks.

One good lesson I’ve learned with this thing: bugs are hard to find but it runs really really fast.

Maby we will release it one day, with the many many changes it needs to be a good framework for network applications like HTTP servers and so on. It was expired by tornado2 and apache mina3.

1 Above meaning the components that are using jamanta to do I/O stuff.

2 http://www.tornadoweb.org/
fn3. http://mina.apache.org/


~ por Rui Batista em 9 de Dezembro de 2009.

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