• Went to IST at 9.30 A.M. to take a artificial Intelegence class. In the midle of the class someone outside started screamming that two gays were kissing one another somewhere… And what’s wrong about that? I was sleepping and that shit sucked then I add to start listening to that BFS and DFS crap.
  • On the project management class I found that to be accepted to do some project you must write even more trash just to have the remot oportunity of beeing accepted.
  • At lunch time talked about the architecture for our networking project with one of my parteners. It seems we will implement everything with none blocking IO and as assynchronous as possible. I’ll have some fun.
  • Implemented Beep on progress bar updates on Orca. lets see what they think
  • Read All that bunch of mail I’m used to receive.
  • Will go to a party tonight to get of this and other square Boxes.

~ por Rui Batista em 1 de Outubro de 2009.

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