Blogtty 0.1.1 Released

Released version 0.1.1 of my commandline blogging tool


Because this is just a personal tool I didn’t manage to release it properly yet.

For now you can get it via git (see the above link) or download a tarball from my 0.1.1 tag here


  • Support for wikicreole and mediawiki markup (one of these will be preffered, for now I’m testing both)
  • Passwords can be entered interactively, no need to write them in plain configuration files (it is still possible if you want)
  • Configuration discovery should be smarter now in platforms other then unix (win32 for example).

Next Steps

  • ”’MUST”’ write documentation.
  • Support blogger (and possible other services) via atompub. Will use google data libraries
  • See the TODO for further ideas

~ por Rui Batista em 9 de Agosto de 2009.

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