Pirate bAnned from using Linux

Read the article on slashdot if you don’t know what is thisall about.

This is ridiculous….I’m not talking about the fact of installing or not the tracking software on the hacker’s machine, that’s another story…but did the country government buy a windows to this poor guy? I guess this is another good reason to be out of breaking copyrights and such, Microsoft will benefit like it does on lots of other things….

I’m a windows and ubuntu user…and even if I can’t throw my windblows away right now (need it for some specific things) I suppose that my life without ubuntu and Linux in general would be a dark and horrible nightmare…what the hell would I use for encrypting files and e-mails and such? Microsoft cryptography studio 2005 team edition?… would I install cygwin just to get a shell?


~ por Rui Batista em 26 de Agosto de 2007.

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